Ihr Lebenskreis - Esther & Nicolas Mottier-Gerber - Nutzen Kuden/Gemeinde/Gesellschaft

What we achieve together

Benefits to Society

  • Inspire an exemplary role in agriculture of sustainable biodynamic management and care for the planet
  • A place for meeting and exchanging. Joy and quality of life is promoted
  • Courses and seminars where ancestral knowledge is passed on again and promotion of independent and autonomous life
  • Relationships, cultural encounters and a sustainable, holistic worldview are exemplified. This develops a far-reaching understanding of oneself, one’s own fellow man, the animals and nature.
  • A wide range of offers around nature, people and their health, contacts and social exchange - Happy and healthy people
  • Happy animals
  • Well-maintained nature and biodiversity conservation
  • Awareness towards sustainability, responsibility, fairness and natural - awareness that the consumer impacts the market significantly
  • No food loss because unsold store food is processed in the restaurant and restaurants remains are reused as pig feed.

Benefits for the client

  • To be perceived as a unique person
  • To have an individually tailored offer
  • To save time when different services are used, when customers already know their individual needs. This allows us to better tailor our services to each individual
  • To receive a warm and competent service from people who love their jobs
  • To have the opportunity to experience nature and learn to know yourself better
  • To perceive less heteronomy through greater knowledge about various facts of life. Thus everyone can feel better and take responsibility for themselves and their lives
  • To get a better quality of life through unique products, cordial meetings and bonding with animals and nature
  • More satisfaction and fulfillment through sustainable living, bringing potential personal as well as in common unfolding.

Benefits for the community

  • Creation of new jobs, and consequent counteracting the population migration due to lack of jobs.
  • Tourist attraction
  • Creating an offer for recreational and local tourism
  • Promote Château d'Oex and the region by media coverage
  • Local club house (big hall)
  • Lunch menus for local workers - Healthy eating
  • Various awareness programs for children around agriculture and nature
  • Meeting center opportunity for mothers and children - quality of life and attractive place for families
  • Role models through unique project and increasing popularity of the region
  • Increase of the sense of belonging among locals by co-operation and thus greater potential development of the social structure of the whole community.
  • Improving the financial situation in the community through higher tax revenues
  • Attraction pool for personalities that can help the region
  • In winter, the snow paradise allows the children to experience winter sports in the village without a long journey. The children can independently go skiing and sledding unaccompanied.
  • The farm school enables a convenient and natural childcare. With an internal subsidization there are fewer subsidy needs for public nursery places in the community.




" from people for people"

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