Ihr Lebenskreis - Esther & Nicolas Mottier-Gerber - So sind Sie mit dabei

How you are part of it

Benefits for you as sponsor or investor


By supporting a sustainable pioneering project your image is reinforced.

Communication plattform

As main sponsor, once a year you can organize an event with your customers, acquaintances and friends at Your Life Circle.

Safe investment

As a private company we are liable to our personal assets. Our land and buildings offer high security.

Increased participation and meaningfulness

Contributing to the promotion of sustainability and respectful treatment of animals and nature.


Opportunity to be involved in a unique project.

Individuality and collectivity

You are individual and an important part of the large group that advocates a more sustainable development in the small and in the large.


Make new contacts and maintain them in your network at our investors event or other events from Your Life Circle.

Do something for the animals

We want to set the example of respectful relationship with animals and show a new way of farming. You help ensure a more widely respectful treatment of animals.

Conservation and preservation of the species

You help in a very direct way to maintain a piece of land in harmony with the diversity of nature - as inspiration and motivation for many others.

Investment in the real economy rather than in speculative market

You know what your money does and that it does not contribute to the negative effects of speculation.

Are you interested? Here you find more information about sponsoring and investment.

" from people for people"

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